Friday, June 29, 2007

Maggie's upside-down attack

(Mom wanted me to go ahead and post something because she was getting sad seeing our note to Buzzerbee, so here's a funny little Maggie moment...)

Mom and Dad really wish we had cameras on us all the time, because sometimes we do things that they just don't get to capture except in their mind's eye. Last night, Mom and Dad were making treats for Dad's patients (a fun little theme on Fridays this June) and Maggie and Huggy Bear were "helping". At one point, Huggy Bear was under the tall table in the kitchen that has the bar stools with it. Maggie decided to go into attack mode. She rolled onto her back partway under the stool, placed her rear feet on the cross-bar of one of the stools, then pushed with her legs to launch herself on her back, sliding across the floor at Huggy Bear about a foot away. It was quite a sneak attack method, probably not altogether effective in all cases, but was enough to goose HB and claim his spot.

BTW, HB explored the cat stroller last night. Mom and Dad placed it in the living room for us to get comfortable with (and by us, I mean Josie, Maggie and Huggy Bear -- I don't acknowledge it's existence). So last night HB climbed in all on his own. Mom thought it was Josie at first, but then she saw how big he was, and Dad walked over and saw it was HB instead. Then later Maggie climbed on top of the outside of the stroller and took a short nap. Slowly but surely, I guess. We did get pictures of the stroller adventure, but they're still on the camera, so I'll post them soon.

Everyone have a safe Fourth of July weekend (weird, since the Fourth is on a Wednesday, as far away from any weekend as it can get...) and watch out for all those loud booms (fireworks are legal in SC so we get impromptu celebrations from the neighbors ... ugh).

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