Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cord Chewer's Anonymous

I think I need to enroll in Cord Chewer's Anonymous. I just can't help myself. Dad busted me for chewing through the charger cord for the cell phones. He taped it up and if it lays the right way it still works. He has another one, but he can't remember which box he saw it in. I tried to distract him by pointing out that someone other than me had clawed the dryer vent hose and ripped two big holes in it that he had to repair last weekend before the humidity drove Mom insane. But I guess they're still on cord watch for me. I do have a history, I guess ... maybe I'm just born to chew. It all started the first day I was adopted and I chewed through the power cord to the cordless phone. I've been addicted ever since. Maybe it's just the rush, the thrill, the danger. Maybe it just teases me to be dangling there, waiting to be chewed...

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