Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Huggy Bear Scare

Huggy Bear had been out hunting in the garage with Maggie but it's pretty hot and humid, so Mom wanted us all to come back inside. She got the treats and shook them and called us, which usually sends us all running, but Huggy Bear didn't come. She called all over the house for him, checking his favorite corners and under-beds (and even looked on the front porch on the off-chance that he snuck out when she took come trash out) but there was no sign of Huggy Bear anywhere. She'd even turned the garage light off and shut the door, which usually gets us out of the garage pretty fast, but still nothing. Finally, she went back into the garage and Huggy Bear came out of his hiding/napping spot, covered in cobwebs and a little sleepy. He'd given Mom quite a scare -- a Huggy Bear Scare -- but he was OK. Guess he'd been hunting in the garage and got tired and was napping so hard that even treats couldn't get him up and moving. Silly Ol' Bear!

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