Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catnappings, home invaders and cat prints

Uncle Doug's cat suffered a catnapping last week from a case of mistaken identity. Apparently, the lady thought she was her missing cat, and her pet psychic had pointed her in the direction of Uncle Doug's street, where she saw his outside cat and home protector. Knowing the personality of this cat, we're all amazed the lady was able to snatch this cat with all her limbs intact.

Also, check out the animal adventures at Neil Gaiman's house (Dad's favorite author and dad to Fred the Unlucky Black Cat, whose home was recently invaded).

And finally, these cat prints are pretty cool. This lightbulb, the fortune teller, the fat cat vino and the cat chasing dog are my favorites (OK, I like all of them, and it was hard to whittle it down to four, because I also should mention Sniff because we can all relate...).

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