Monday, December 29, 2014

Secret Paws 2014

We got a wonderful Secret Paws package from Samantha Black!

Secret Paws 2014
Look at all these gifts! She really spoiled us this Christmas!

Secret Paws 2014
We didn't even know where to start. That Christmas tree toy is a lot of fun, and the snowman too. And we love all the balls!

Secret Paws 2014
Maggie didn't even want to wait until the wand toy was out of the package to try it out. She's impulsive like that.

Secret Paws 2014
Josie picked out a piece of tissue paper. The tissue had a nice nip smell to it too.

Secret Paws 2014
Look at all these treats! We're stocked. We've really enjoyed the Tumblers!

Secret Paws 2014
Huggy Bear says "Thanks for all our great stuff, Samantha!" She was even nice enough to send something for Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas! We love doing Secret Paws.

The morning after...

Dad left the box with the tissue in the kitchen so of course we played with it all night. (The laundry basket on the counter was to carry supplies to a friend's house so Mom could cook dinner.)


Frodo said...

Lucky cats, dear Jasper! Great pictures!

Summer at said...

Those were really nice gifts!

William said...

Wow, you got a real bonanza there!

The Island Cats said...

Those are some pawsome gifts you got! And the box with paper was an added bonus!