Thursday, December 11, 2014

A (literal) pain in my butt

Well shucks, it looks like it wasn't an abscess after all, and Maggie is off the hook. What my emergency trip to the vet turned out to be was a ruptured anal gland, and boy did it stink. Even the vet tech who is around stink all day said it smelled bad. I guess if I'm going to do it, I should do it right.

So I had to have a minor procedure to repair it. I had to be put under for them to do what they needed to do, but I'm up and moving around now. I get to come home at 5:30 all patched up and sporting a fancy new haircut for Christmas.

Jasper investigating the vet office
I had to do some investigating of the vet's office once I calmed down some.

Jasper in the carrier
After all was inspected and the office was determined to be OK, I settled back in to my carrier. (Mom really had to fight me to get in it at home, but at the vet's I was OK hanging out.)

Maggie snuggling
I think all this had Maggie a little stressed out. She needed to snuggle up in Mom's lap for a little bit. She's a snuggler, but not often a lap cat. (Mom is wearing compression socks because Mom and Dad have been walking to prepare for another 50 mile walk in March.)


Flynn said...

I am glad it wasn't Maggie. You will feel a lot better now your ruptured anal gland is cleaned up. I hope it soon heals and you are back to normal.

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh my Ceiling Cat! What an awful thing. We hope your recovery is very quick.

Summer at said...

Oh, that sounds highly unpleasant, Jasper! :-( Heal up fast!

Random Felines said...

hope you heal up quick....and the haircut isn't too revealing

Frodo said...

OH, dear Jasper, I am so sorry! Get better soon! And don`t you worry, your fur will grow back.