Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Traitor Tuesday

So the traitors, I mean Mom and Dad, took off to the beach last weekend to "visit old friends" but when they came home there were more pictures of dogs than old friends.

Annie on the beach
Apparently there was an Annie dog that they took for a walk on the beach. Annie is a former Nashville street dog.

Annie going to the beach
Annie was very sweet, according to Mom, and walked right with Mom. She does have a sweet face.

Miss Brown
Then there was Miss Brown, who really resembles a wolf if you ask me, but is mostly German Shepherd. Miss Brown liked Dad because he sneaked and gave her a bite of his muffin food one morning.

And if Miss Brown wasn't big enough, there was Patrick, who is a BIG BOY. But very sweet and friendly.

And this is Pearl. Pearl and Patrick spent most of their time hanging out in the yard and on the screened in front porch. But they still managed to put their stink on Mom and Dad.

This is what happens when you come home smelling like dog
Because Dad came home with dog stink on him, I had to "give him the business" and got a little carried away with my back claws and did a number on his hand. Good thing he doesn't need his hands for work. What's that? He does. Oops.

Cat crossing sign
But to prove than Mom and Dad were thinking of us while they were at the beach, they took this picture. It looks like an actual city sign.

Seagull at Sunset Beach
And they brought back some seagull pictures, too, for us to get excited about.

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