Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Secret Project sneak-peek

Dad has been working on a "secret project" and had hoped to finish it this weekend, but it is taking just a little bit longer than he expected. Mom and Dad grabbed a bunch of cardboard boxes a while back from when the theatre got new lights. They are all uniform sizes, and Dad cut them down to size to make a mega-scratcher.

Cat scratcher pieces
Here, Huggy Bear is inspecting some of the pieces that Dad has cut out. Huggy Bear is always a big helper when it comes to projects in the garage.

Homemade cat scratcher
This is the scratcher with some random objects on it to weight it down. The scratching edge is pretty uniform, but Dad is trying to sand out the bottom and back to make it cleaner, then the sides will be painted. The sanding is taking more than expected. Hopefully we'll have a finished project to show you soon. This is the first attempt, and Mom and Dad have plans for shapes and designs and other things once Dad figures out the challenges and pitfalls.

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