Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3 -- Pink Ball

Since yesterday was Wordless Wednesday with Huggy Bear and his pink ball, I thought I'd carry on with a Thursday Thirteen about the picture.

1. Yes, Meep, Huggy Bear does carry that ball in his mouth a lot.
2. He hunts the ball at night mostly.
3. When Mom and Dad are watching TV Huggy Bear will bring the pink ball in to them in his mouth and proudly drop it at their feet.
4. After bringing them the pink ball, Huggy Bear usually plops down in front of them and gets pets.
5. Huggy Bear is a boy, but all his favorite toys are all pink.
6. He also has a pink mouse that he has hunted until the fur is all gone but Mom and Dad can't bring themselves to get rid of it because HB still hunts it.
7. They bought him another pink mouse on his birthday, which he played with but now Josie hunts it instead.
8. This pink ball was a gift from Aunt Tiffany.
9. It came with a poorly designed spinny thing that couldn't stand up to the strength of Huggy Bear.
10. So Huggy Bear killed the spinner and took the ball instead.
11. But it's worked out, because he has more fun carrying the ball than he had spinning it around.
12. He will sometimes growl when he has his toys in his mouth, I think to let us know that it's his and he's killed it.
13. In the picture Huggy Bear was rolling around tossing the ball around and using the banister rails of the stairs to rest his feet and push himself after the ball.

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