Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, #2 (Best Napping Spots)

For my second Thursday Thirteen I'm going easy ... the thirteen best napping spots:
1) Window sill ... especially when the windows are open.
2) Sink ... can't beat it on a warm summer day.
3) Half wall in the bathroom ... kind of like the sink for a cool spot because of the tiles, but it also puts me in the perfect spot to get chin skritches.
4) Cat stand ... we have this metal plant stand that has a special spot just for me to curl up in. It's great because my fur hangs down through the square holes in the stand and I can feel the cool air under me. I also like it bunches because no one else sleeps there.
5) Laundry ... clean, dirty, folded or balled up doesn't matter to me.
6) Dad's pillow ... this is a very brief, drive-by napping, usually about a minute when he's getting ready for bed, watching either The Daily Show or Cash Cab After Dark. He has a nice cervical pillow with the hole in the middle, which is great for curling in.
7) The empty side of the bed ... when only Mom or only Dad is in the bed I like to sleep on the other side. Oddly, I have less interest in the bed when they're both there.
8) Up on a box ... the garage still has plenty of good boxes to sleep on, and that usually means being up in a high high place.
9) Back of the couch ... this is Josie's number one spot, usually looking out a window.
10) In front of the fireplace ... Huggy Bear likes this spot because he's black and so is the fireplace so he blends in really well.
11) In the closet ... Josie now likes to sleep in the master closet, I think because when Dad brings the ironing board past her she attacks the strings hanging from the ironing board.
12) At Mom's feet ... when Mom is on the computer Maggie likes to curl up on her feet.
13) On our Kitty Kozy in the stroller ... while Josie isn't the biggest fan of the stroller when it is outside, she loves to sleep on the kozy (from Timmy's Grammie) inside the stroller, so Mom and Dad keep the stroller open and inside so she can nap and get comfortable in it.

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