Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Josie and Huggy Bear!

Happy Birthday to my sister and brother, Josie and Huggy Bear! It was three years ago today that Mom came home from a trip to find a litter if four kittens. One was this sweet little tuxie who turned looked like Mom's first cat (the one who came before) and Mom fell in love with Josie right away. While we found homes for two others, Huggy Bear turned out to be so so sweet that he just belonged with us.

As a kitten Josie liked to play on the stairs of the apartment, and look down from the high perch.

The kittens would sleep in the pine straw around the shrubs. Frisky (the tabby) looks so much like Maggie (and momma cat), except he was a boy and a huge ball of energy. The other black was Huggy Bear's twin, Curly, and the first to be adopted.

This is Huggy Bear early after becoming a part of the family.

These two have been such a meaningful part of my life. I was two when they came into my life, and I learned what cat-family is all about, playing together, cleaning, snuggling, biting butts and wrestling ... you know, all the great cat stuff you do with siblings. I can't believe three years have gone by this fast! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, Josie and Huggy Bear! Thanks for being my sister and brother.

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