Thursday, May 24, 2007

Josie's Big Adventure

Josie had the most exciting adventure the other day. Mom feels bad sometimes because Josie is always looking out the windows. Mom feels that Josie wants to play outside, while for our safety we stay inside. Well on Tuesday Josie was looking out onto the deck and she saw a lizard. She got so excited her tail was just flicking away (so hard it thumped against the couch loud) and she pawed at the window. So Mom and Dad decided to pull out the harness and leash and see how she'd do.

Josie did pretty well with the harness and leash once she got over the initial sensation of wearing it. She looked around the deck, inspecting things and feeling the wood under her paws.

She was so excited her tail poofed up in the fresh air.

She considered the stairs, but Mom and Dad said that was far enough.

Maggie wanted her turn too, but she had nothing to do with wearing a harness (she tried to eat it) so she didn't get a turn. But she just couldn't stand that Josie was outside while she was inside.

You can see Maggie protesting in the background while Josie lounges on the deck. I won't say Josie was necessarily flaunting that she was outside while we were all inside, but she seems pretty cool out there while Maggie looks on jealously. Maybe Maggie will be better next time and get a turn, too.

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