Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Company for dinner

Mom had a group over for dinner last night (chicken breasts stuffed with herbs and goat cheese, but did we get any? no!) so we spent a good bit of the night curled up napping in the big bathroom. I was already asleep in the sink when Dad carried Maggie in. Josie came along beside him as he talked to her and Huggy Bear pranced in right behind because he knew something was going on. Of course, it was treats and a shut door. But things go better later because Mom and Dad let us out to socialize after dinner was done. We had eight new people to sniff at, and to pick us up and oooh and aaah over us. As usual you hear the exclamations of "look how big he is" (me), and "how cute" (Maggie), "she's so pretty" (Josie) and "what a sweetie" (Huggy Bear). The visiting makes the bathroom time worth it, for sure...

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