Saturday, February 25, 2006

Toys galore

Mom and Dad usually ration our toys some ... not too few, not too many. But lately, a new toy would appear. Mom assumed Dad pulled it out. Dad figured it was Mom. But no, credit the tricky girls Maggie and Josie. They realized the Ziploc bag that the toys are in is close enough to the pantry door that they could paw at it from under the door, tear a large enough hole in it, and acquire their own toys on their schedule. Mom vaccuumed the other day and put all the toys in one large bowl. That's a lot of playtime there.

By the way, two balls to point out. First the orange ball with the purple, green, red, green striped at the bottom center by the stuffed cat's tail, see how clean that one looks? It went through the wash with a load of towels. Those are my favorites. Also, the center chunky orange and green with the white center stripe, that is Maggie's favorite ball. It's really loud.

And while we're talking about these toys, the red mouse with blue ears, that one goes back to when I was Maggie's size ... still an old classic! It was a gift from our friend Little Jen whose birthday was Valentine's Day. Posted by Picasa

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