Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Our parents

Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South asked about our parents so I thought I'd give you a brief description and answer her questions.

First, their shoes ... yes, we all like their shoes. Huggy Bear and I will sleep on their shoes when they leave them under the "junk drawer table" and Dad has to hide his dress shoes so Josie won't eat the shoe strings. One of Josie's favorite times of the day is when Dad is putting his shoes on to go to work. First, she attacks his socked feet, going after the toes. Then she swats at the strings as he tries to tie them. Sometimes she'll catch one with a claw and untie his shoe as he tries to tie the other one. Mom wears mainly flip-flops because we're also in the Toasty South (Carolina), but she also wears nicer shoes. She was a little upset when she saw where one of us had clawed up a pair of her loafers.

Second, drinking from the tub ... we all LOVE the shower. I like to get between the shower curtain and the liner, although it kind of freaks Dad out when he's in the shower. Maggie and Josie usually greet Mom or Dad as they get out of the shower, and Josie will like the water from their legs. Maggie is more of the tub drinker. Huggy just spreads out and takes up as much floor space as possible.

Third, sleeping on their heads ... Believe it our not, they actually like for me to sleep on their heads. I think Mom prefers for me to sleep on Dad's head. I was never a very affectionate kitten, so I think they are happy that I am snuggling more, even if it means that they need to get an adjustment the next morning (they're both chiropractors, so that's OK). Maggie used to be a head sleeper too, but now she sleeps on top of the covers when Josie is under the covers. I think Maggie actually tries to sleep on top of Josie. Huggy cuddles right up next to Mom or Dad and he is so warm and purrs so loud that they hate to get up. And as for the hair ... Dad keeps his hair short (it's very thick, so long is out of the question) but Mom is growing her hair out to donate to Locks of Love. She's almost there, and needs about an inch and she is so ready to chop it off. And Maggie loves to sit on Mom's shoulder like a parrot and eat/hide in Mom's hair.

I hope that gives you an idea of my parents and answers Whippy Curly Tails' questions. I'll do more later ... my typing paw is getting tired from hitting all these keys...

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