Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Safe haven

The little kittens are taking some antibiotics now, and hopefully this will help. Mom and Dad went to Pets, Inc. and got some ointment for their little eyes and some amoxicillin that is supposed to taste like bubble gum. Boy what a production that was this evening! Mom and Dad huddled all the kittens together and took turns treating each one. Then, so as to not miss any, they were trying to put them in a box, which was ok at first, until it got more full, and they started to try to get out. But Mom realized that the one's who had been treated had pink faces from the amoxicillin. Most were doing much better after their treatment. Sadly, one looked weaker. He looked like one of the healthier kittens to begin with, but we think the entire ordeal stressed his system. He was very shaken and lathargic afterward.

Mom and Dad set up a pet carried for the kittens to sleep in at night so they are safe. This will also help with getting them weaned from Momma cat. Mom found someone who will help with getting Momma cat fixed, and she talked with the neighbors and they are ok with it. The neighbors also said they would register the kittens at Pets, Inc. and try to do the weekend adoption program. Mom and Dad said they'll help as much as they can. At least the kittens are doing a little better now and they're safe at night. That really helps Mom sleep.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts as we try to heal these kittens. It means so much to all of us here.

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