Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kittens doing well

The little kittens are doing well. Mom and Dad are struggling to keep them away from Momma Cat to wean them because the neighbors aren't good about keeping her inside, but they need to wean so she can get fixed.

There is only one that still concerns up... the one Mom and Dad call "Eyes" because she can see OK, but her inner eyelid is still ulcerated and makes getting the ointment in difficult and limits the effectiveness.

Mom and Dad have started posting "free kitten" flyers in an attempt to find them homes. Mom and Dad are exhausted, like caring for eight children, but the result has definitely been worth it. To finally see eyes when they couldn't even open them before it amazing.

Sorry I haven't posted lately, but these kittens have had the whole family distracted. I have some good pictures I will try to get up soon.

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