Saturday, July 09, 2005

Goopy eyes

Momma cat's little kittens are living outside on the irresponsible neighbor's back porch and yesterday, Mom was outside talking to some of the ladies who work at the apartment complex and when they picked up the kittens, they noticed that their eyes were still shut. They must have some kind of infection or something. Today, Dad went out with a warm washcloth and cleaned their eyes and opened them the best he could, then put some food and water out because it's awful hot here. I think Mom and Dad are going to pick up some eye wipes from the pet store and see if they can help them out. One keep trying to explore, despite having both eyes shut. That's when Mom and Dad realized they really needed to do something to help them out. We had all been hoping that Momma cat would take care of them. It just makes us nervous for them. They're just so small and cute and frail right now.

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