Sunday, February 27, 2011

At the emergency vet

UPDATE: Apparently I have a ruptured abscess on my hind leg. The vet said she just needs to clean it up. I blame Maggie -- she's a rough-houser and a butt biter. But the vet said I was being good. That's before she really started messing with me. She's hearing me fuss now!


Please send me some purrs. I'm at the emergency pet clinic. I had some spotting in Mom and Dad's bathroom where the food bowl is -- almost like I was having bloody stool -- and it really stinks. Dad tried to clean me like I had messed myself but I cried like it hurt (as opposed to me being mad). My mood was fine though, until they put me in the carrier and then in the car. I talked the whole ride over (fortunately a short one). So now I'm with the vet lady. Ugh! I'll update soon. Thanks for the purrs.


Kea said...

Oh, noes...! Ouch, ouch, ouch! We're sending you our loudest purrs that the v-e-t will get you fixed up ASAP and that you'll be home soon! Will you have to wear (whispers) the cone?

-Nicki and Derry

Eric and Flynn said...

Oh that must be painful. We hope it soon heals.