Sunday, December 27, 2009

Secret Paws

Our Secret Paws gift came the other day, right as Mom and Dad were heading out of the house. It was cruel torture to have to wait for them to come back so we could open it, but it turned out to be worth the wait! Our Secret Paw was China Cat, and boy did we get spoiled.

Maggie smells something good

Josie investigating the gifts
Maggie and Josie were quick to investigate the gifts, all wrapped up.

Our Secret Paws note
Huggy Bear took time to read the note, like Mom has always taught us.

Secret Paws stash!
We got all kinds of great stuff -- orange mice, and wobbly balls, and Temptations, and a Santa mouse that scoots across the floor, and some rattling balls, and a nip cigar that the girls just went nuts over.

Maggie loved the nip cigar
Here's Maggie getting the nip cigar. You can tell it's amazing because she's right beside a pack of Temptations and not paying any attention to them.

HB keeping a claw in the pink ball
Huggy Bear claimed the pink wobble ball as his.

Josie went straight to the orange mouse
Josie claimed the first orange mouse, and went running through the house with it before Mom could even get the tag off.

Jasper and the orange mouse
I got an orange mouse, too.

We must have been very good this year to get such great stuff! Thanks China Cat!

At the beginning, I mentioned that Mom and Dad were leaving when the Secret Paws arrived. They were going to meet Aunt Tiff, and Aunt Tiff had gifts for us, too!I'll post a couple of pictures later, so as to not confuse with the Secret Paws gifts. But I did want to say "Thanks Aunt Tiff!"

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