Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cat treats galore

Before I talk about Dad's big score at the store, I should mention about yesterday's Wordless Wednesday: Yes, that was a re-usable Target bag. They make great pillows, and Mom and Dad really like the Target bags that fold up and snap the best, too.

Now, last night Dad got a call from Aunt Tish telling him that the grocery store up the road was closing to move to another location and that everything was 60 percent off. Most of the people food was gone, but the cat food was still stocked pretty good. Dad went a little overboard. He bought a bunch of kitty litter and food, but then he also bought nine bags of cat treats and even got some stinky goodness. He saved $65 (which means he spent $45). We even got a new toy (but he clipped it cutting off the huge tag so Mom has to stitch it before we get to play with it).

Did I mention NINE bags of cat treats!?!

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