Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Friday

It's Finally Friday -- Dad's half day at work. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad have company coming in late Saturday so it'll be yard work and house cleaning today and some tomorrow. Maggie says this hubbub is in preparation for her birthday on Wednesday. I tried to explain that Mom's birthday is also Wednesday and it's probably more about Mom than Maggie, but she'd hear none of that.

Yesterday, I commented that Maggie is a spoiled sister. Mom is now making me explain why she is spoiled. You see, Maggie was very ill when she was little, and it was very touch and go as a new kitten. She had a bad upper respiratory infection that took her eye. Mom didn't know if Maggie would be around long, so she wanted to give her as much love as she could while she could. Well, Maggie recovered thanks to all of Mom's loving and now she's a spoiled sister.

Maggie "helping" go through the sales papers
Now, she might be spoiled, but she's awful cute too. I have to give her that.

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