Sunday, April 29, 2007

Locked in, locked out

Mom went to run some errands and have lunch with Dad (bad restaurant choice), and while she was away she was very thoughtful and left some upstairs windows open for us. It was all good until a breeze caught Mom and Dad's bedroom door and shut it, locking Huggy Bear in the room and locking the rest of us out. Fortunately for HB, he was locked in with the food, and he likes food. Unfortunately, the litter box was on the wrong side of the door and HB was forced to hold it until Mom got home (no accidents!). To top things off, Mom received a package of plants she'd ordered so she's casually sitting on the front porch when she got home, looking at her plants, while Huggy called to her from the window. Mom, unaware of the situation, called up, "I'll be right in Huggy, it's OK." She felt so bad when she saw he was trapped. But she was also very proud of us for not digging at the carper in an effort to escape. (BTW, there's a doorstop up there now.)

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