Thursday, April 26, 2007

Josie, house defender

The other night, Mom and Dad had just finished working hard in the yard when some neighbors came by to see all they had done. One neighbor brought a Dakota with her. We'd never seen a Dakota before, especially in our yard, but apparently it is a dog that doesn't know its place. (You see, when we were in our apartment the occasional dog would walk by, but keep walking, as it should be.) But Dakota was hanging out on our deck, and we were not happy about it. Our kitchen window (about 10 feet from the deck) was open, and Huggy Bear and I were sitting in the window. Huggy Bear was giving his very low and deep "back off" growl. But it was Josie who really took offense. She was prowling from window to window (closed), along the back of the couch which is right by the deck. Every now and then she would rise up and lunge at the window or back door while silly Dakota just looked dumbly inside. Dakota's mom said he has a cat-friend at home and he just wanted to play with us, but what she didn't get is that WE didn't want to play with him. Josie wanted to rip him to shreds. Eventually they went home and we all calmed back down, but Josie made it clear who the defender of the home is. She may be sweet and a lover, but she's a woman too, and you know better than to cross her.

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