Saturday, March 10, 2007

The shortest outdoor adventure ever

Huggy Bear had the world's shortest outdoor adventure today. Mom and Dad were out working in the garage, which meant that the door from the house to the garage was shut and the big door to the outside world was open. Well, Mom found and old decanter that had been her grandmother's in storage and wanted to bring it inside immediately so nothing happened to it. She decided to try the door to the inside where we were holding vigil. Although she knew how fast we could be, she thought she could hold us back and slip in. Well, it seems she underestimated Huggy Bear. He squeezed past her immediately, but Dad was right there, just in case, and he scooped Bear into his arms. Mom managed to shut the door behind bear so no one else slipped out, and she and Dad took Bear around to the front door (ironically, we never try to get out the front door). I think Bear realized his goof when Dad was carrying him around front, because he started to sniff the air and give Dad a few leg twitches as they approached the front porch. He seemed pretty happy to be back inside, too.

Mom and Dad really did a number on the garage today. They put up some more shelves in the garage, and moved a bunch of out boxes onto the wall. Our towers we like to perch on our now much shorter, but they did give us a stack or two to climb on. I think they eventually want to put a car in the garage. What kind of crazy is that?

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