Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inspecting the projects

Mom and Dad have been really busy the past few weeks, mostly with projects around the house and work. (I actually had to force Dad to help me post this one before he left for work or else there's no telling when I'd get more pictures up...) Mom and Dad cleaned out the garage and put up more shelves, and straightened the space under the stairs. Although I miss my really tall stacks of boxes to sleep on, my space is still there, only lower.

I did find a new spot... I fell asleep on the table portion of an old high chair. I guess this high chair was Mom's mom's high chair when she was a baby. Works good as a napping spot, too.

Maggie and I have been doing a little napping in the garage. It's still a great napping spot with all the comforters covering stuff.

When Mom and Dad were re-organizing under the stairs I just couldn't help but make sure they did everything just right. Looks good, and made more room in the closet, too.

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