Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Do we have a Thing-Under-The-House?

Last week, Mom had Bellsouth come and install a phone jack in the office so we can move the computer from the bedroom into the office and I can blog at night while Mom and Dad sleep. When the phone guy was here, he went under the house and noticed that two of the air ducts had fallen loose. Huggy Bear and Maggie had actually noticed one the other day because they kept looking down the vent and could see straight under the house. Mom and Dad we just distracted by the kitchen painting to realize what HB and Maggie were trying to communicate.

The phone guy said that sometimes snakes can creep up through those open vents and recommended that Mom put a box over it until it gets repaired, while she immediately did. She called the repair guy who was supposed to have fixed it as part of the home inspection and left a message.

The next morning, Mom came downstairs and heard this awful scrunch, scrape, rattle noise coming from under the house, but there was no repair truck in the driveway and we'd had no call. We were all at the box over the vent, eager to discover the source of the noise. Maybe it is a Thing-Under-The-House like Ginger's Thing-Under-The-Sink. Mom moved the box and yelled down, "I hope you're a repair guy under there fixing this." (I'm not sure what she would have done if the answer was a creepy "...no...") The response was a light-hearted laughter and a voice saying "I didn't think anyone was home." I guess he'd parked out in the cul-de-sac where Mom couldn't see his truck.

It was a quick, uneventful end, but did provide a few good minutes of excitement.

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