Saturday, April 01, 2006

... but I didn't even eat any tape!

"Tapeworms." That's what the vet said. "Tapeworms." I sat on the cold, metal table in the small room with odd smells -- violated and humiliated -- trying to processes what she said. "I didn't eat any tape, or any worms, and yet there they are," I thought to myself while Mom and Dad talked about pills, having to bring Huggy Bear and Maggie back to be examined, and Advantage. I guess I got a flea and the flea got me. I don't really blame my siblings, even though I never had a flea issue until they came into the picture, but the vet did say that in South Carolina fleas are just more common due to our climate, and Mom and Dad could even bring them in on their shoes by walking through the grass! So yesterday afternoon was not how any of us planned to spend it. I went to the vet, then because the vet had never seen Huggy Bear he had to be taken over, and Maggie went along to be weighed (7.1 pounds -- little thing). They said HB and I are both "overweight" although I know I'm just a big cat and HB is still growing into his appetite. But what're you gonna do? So I took my medicine, we all did one way or another, and life goes on. But still ... tapeworms? Ugh!

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