Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mirror Image

Huggy Bear sits in the bedroom window, his position mirrored by Midnight outside. Midnight is this black feral cat who visits us every once in a while. When the windows and back door are open, we will watch for him and he will sometimes come to our back porch and we will visit at the door. He is one of the many cats that live around our apartments. He has Dad's schedule figured out and will greet Dad in the morning and often at night. Dad will feed him a little to make sure he is well-nourished, but not dependent. They started feeding Midnight some when he showed up looking rough from a fight. Mom and Dad wanted to make sure that he didn't get ill from struggling to get good food. Now he comes for snacks and visits. But we've also figured out that Midnight is no fool ... he has connections at other buildings too. Dad will take the trash out and see Midnight coming from across the parking lot to walk him home (and score a snack). I've included links to past Midnight posts for those interested in learning a little more about our friendly visitor.

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On High Alert (2-25-06) Posted by Picasa

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