Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Joy of Catblogging

I was commenting over on Mattingly's blog to Athena and Katonia, two non-blogging cats, about starting a blog and it got me a little retrospective. I remember when I started blogging in October 2004, I was motivated because Mom and Dad had a blog and they had seen a "best of the blog" site that listed cat blogs as a category. Although we didn't see any cat blogs to visit at the time, I dove in and started mine. I wasn't really sure what I would write about at the time, other than my story of being adopted and about this little litter of kittens (Josie and Huggy Bear). I wasn't sure if things would even continue from there. Then William found me through Blog Explosion and commented. Then Ginger and Timothy Dickens and Poi Rats and Cats and PsychoKitty Max and well, things just rolled on from there. I am continually amazed at how our catblogging community continues to grow, and how satisfying it is for me to blog, and read my friends' blogs. Sometimes I feel guilty because I have so many I want to read, and so little time, but I'm sure we all go through this, and I catch up and try to participate as often as possible. The blogging alone is so personally satsifying, but the community of blogging magnifies the enjoyment. Thank you all for helping make this such fun for all of us! (OK, that was more than I meant to write... Can't wait to see everyone at Magoo's birthday party!)

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