Wednesday, October 23, 2013

African Serval kitten

Mom and Dad went up to Knoxville, TN last weekend for the UT-South Carolina football game. Mom and Dad went to the University of Tennessee back in the day, and live in Columbia, SC near USC now. So they were pulling for UT and feeling bad for Mom Paula when the Vols beat the Gamecocks on a last second field goal 23-21.

On the way home, Mom and Dad took the scenic drive through the Smoky Mountains. They stopped at one of their favorite pumpkin stands along the way to get some pumpkins for the front porch, and look what they saw there:

African Serval kitten
This is one of three African Serval kittens that were by the goat petting area. They hadn't had any shots yet so no one was allowed to hold them, which is probably a good thing because I think Mom would have brought it home if she could have. Of course, that breed gets as big as a small dog, so it's a good thing Mom didn't.

Smoky Mountains panoramic
This is a panoramic of the Newfound Gap that Dad took on his phone. This is where North Carolina and Tennessee meet in the Smokies. The leaves looked amazing. The white twiggy dead trees you see are the hemlocks that were killed by a non-indigenous wooly bug.

My favorite creek as it goes through the Smoky Mountains
This is the view of the creek (or Little River) that goes through part of the Smokies. The shortcut they take to avoid the traffic in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg takes them along this creek for a while.

North Carolina elk herd
Coming out of the National Park on the North Carolina side there is a field where a herd of about 15 elk have migrated away from the larger herd of about 300. The rack on the male here is about 50 pounds, according to the ranger Dad talked to. This was a picture on Dad's phone that was easy to upload. The good pictures are on the big camera.

The Chimneys in the Smoky Mountains
This is another pretty view. This is of the Chimney Tops, the peaks on the left side.

Even though Mom and Dad were eager to get home to see us, they stopped a lot on the ride through the mountains to take in the views. It is always so pretty, especially in October.


Nerissa said...

Just how big do they get? Do they get as big as a Rushton? Or a Seville? Those two brothers of mine must weight twenty pounds if they weigh and ounce. MOUSES!


JC said...

What a pretty cat but where do they get these ?

The scenery was beautiful. I love driving through parks like that.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

What a cute kitty that Serval is! Didn't your humans go crazy not being able to touch it?

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

Well, we're pretty glad OUR dad wasn't there - he'd a wanted to bring it home TOO!!!

William said...

With all those speckles on the baby cat, who *wouldn't* want to take it home?! My mom was all SQUEE! of course.

The Smokies are beautiful--thanks for the photos!

Jasper McKitten-Cat said...

Watch some You Tube videos on Servals and you'll be amazed at how big these cats can be. Some even use exercise wheels. And yes, it did drive them nuts to not touch the kitties.