Wednesday, April 17, 2013

11th birthday stinky goodness cake

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It makes my day so special and enjoyable. I am so blessed to have such great friends in my life.


It was a few days late, but we finally got to enjoy my stinky goodness cake!

Jasper's stinky goodness cake
The cake was very yummy, and, as usual, in the shape of the birthday. The 11 was easy for Dad to make. I was pretty quick to help myself t the cake, so the 11 got messed up pretty quickly.

Jasper's stinky goodness cake
I was enjoying the stinky goodness so much that Dad didn't even make me share. He opened a second can of food for the others.

Huggy Bear and Maggie enjoying some stinky goodness
Huggy Bear and Maggie are nice enough to eat next to each other.

Josie enjoying some stinky goodness
Josie wasn't too far away, but it's best to give her a little space so she can enjoy the food without Maggie stressing her out.


Nerissa said...

Oh no! Did I miss your birthday? I think I did. I'm so sorry. So very, very sorry. And to think, it was a doubly big day 'cause guess what... April 15th was my birthday, too! We're like... TWINS! Except, of course, you're a year older than me.

Well, this is what I 'would' have written on your birthday post had I been more on the ball.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASPER! May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots of the nip!


Prancer Pie said...

Happy 11th Birthday, Jasper!

You don't look a day over 6. mol!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

It looks like you had a tasty birthday, Jasper!

William said...

Yummy looking as usual, Jasper!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh that looks wonderful! I am glad you had such a good birthday!

The Island Cats said...

Now that's a good way to celebrate a birthday!

Frodo said...

That looks so yummy!