Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A tale of two tails on Tabby Tuesday

The other day I was hanging out on the bed with Mom when Maggie decided to jump up and cuddle up against me. I was in a very good mood so I let her get right up beside me. Then, to Mom's joy and amazement, we intertwined our tails.

Maggie and Jasper snuggled together
Here we are with our tails wrapped together.

Twisted tails
And an even better picture.

Maggie and Jasper with their tails intertwined
This is why Mom and Dad always have a camera ready. There's just no telling when we'll be this cute and sweet together again.

And a quick Mom update: She's just sore with a raspberry on her elbow. She has full range of motion in her arm now that the swelling is going down. It seems she had a nice stinger to the elbow with a good bit of bruising. Thanks for all the good thoughts. With a beach trip this weekend, Mom said if her elbow had been broken she would have officially declared a do-over on this summer, or an early start to fall (no pun intended).

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