Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #43 -- No April Fools Jokes

I decided not to do an April Fools post on Wednesday. I had some ideas, but decided not to. Here's what I could have said:
1. We're quitting the blog.
2. We're getting a kitten.
3. We're moving.
4. We're getting a dog.
5. We're sending Maggie to join the circus.
6. Mom's going to start her own theatre (she's spending enough time at Workshop right now anyway).
7. Mom's having a baby.
8. I've had enough, I'm moving across town to live with Sweet Praline.
9. Huggy Bear is going to be Dad's "office cat" and offer therapeutic purrs to the patients. (Is there an insurance code for that?)
10. We're getting jobs to earn our keep.
11. We're going to cat jail after failed a attempt to abduct Cocky, the South Carolina chicken mascot (he's really big, and I bet he'd taste good).
12. The house is being divided into a boy's floor and a girl's floor.
13. Mom and Dad won Powerball and we're going on a Catblogosphere World Tour to visit everyone.

But, alas, none of those are true, and we know how excited people can get about kittens, and moves, and babies, and quitting blogging, so we decided to just do a Wordless Wednesday post instead. But it was a very fun picture of Josie relaxing in the sun with Maggie's shadow. (I wonder if Maggie knew her shadow was visiting Josie?)

Side note (or as mom likes to say Dad's To Do List): Dad's next cat project

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