Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5 -- Answers and thoughts

We got so many great comments and questions about Josie's Wordless Wednesday yesterday that I thought I'd to a Thursday Thirteen of answers (and a few thoughts, too)...
1. Josie was helping Mom bake a cake for Thanksgiving at Dad's work.
2. This is an old Williams-Sonoma recipe from one of the cookbooks that Mom has been making for about 14 years now.
3. It's one of those recipes where when you go to open the cookbook it opens straight to that page.
4. Josie didn't get to eat any of the cake, but Mom did let us taste the icing and let's just say YUM!
5. The cake didn't last long enough to share, but I'll ask Mom to post it on her kitchen blog soon, because I know she took pictures of it.
6. Dad said it was one of the best ones she's ever made, and the raspberries were some of the best raspberries we've found since moving to South Carolina.
7. The cake has raspberry jelly between the layers, which brings me to a funny story...
8. ... Once, when Mom was first making this cake, before we were around, Mom had another cat named Fluffy who was helping in the kitchen...
9. ... Mom was melting the jelly for the in-between layers when she touched some metal on the pan and burned her hand ...
10. ... as she burned her hand, she dropped the pan and melted raspberry jelly went all over the place, and all over Fluffy...
11. ... fortunately, Fluffy was very fluffy and did not get burned, but Mom rushed him to the bathroom and he licked and licked and licked the jelly off before Mom could get him cleaned.
12. (I bet it tasted good, but I don't know if I want jelly splattered on me...)
13. And a totally random thought ... Mom and Dad watch Lost, and really enjoyed reading Hurley's blog (OK, the actor's blog) ... it's very fun, and there's a post about them feeding the cats that they find in a parking lot near Roy's.

PS We got our Secret Paws' names! We are so excited!! And as always...Thank you, thank you, thank you to DKM!

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