Friday, January 26, 2007

Climbing the bed

Mom and Dad upgraded from a queen to a king sized mattress around Thanksgiving, but since they couldn't decide on a new bedroom suite, the mattress has just been on the floor. Last night, Mom and Dad picked up a simple bed frame to get the mattress up off the floor like it should be, which ended up raising it seven inches. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it's just enough to challenge our jumping legs. Josie cried to have Dad lift her up, Maggie looked like a spider monkey leaping onto the bed, and once half made it-half missed it and made Dad laugh as her little head just popped up over the foot of the bed then suddenly disappeared. They'll get it down. Me, I just used the bedside table as a step. I like to consider myself the thinker of the bunch.

At one point last night, Mom checked and all four of us were under the bed. That made her very happy (even though she'd prefer we'd all be in bed with her). Still, as soon as Dad's up and out of the house, I fill his side of the bed.

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