Monday, November 20, 2006

At it again

Mom and Dad are at it again -- painting, that is. This past weekend was dedicated to the dining room. At one point, Maggie was a little too close to the lid of the paint for Dad's comfort (he was pouring more paint in the pan and Maggie was helping.) Because Dad was afraid Maggie would get in the paint he decided to pick her up and move her. Because he picked her up when she didn't want to be picked up she stretched out her leg and toes -- and got in the paint! All Dad's fault, without a doubt, but poor Maggie paid the price. Mom and Dad had to hold her in the air so paint didn't get everywhere (Dad's got the scratches to prove it), and they scruffed her and cleaned between her back toes on both feet. At least Dad accepted responsibility for this one -- he should know when to just leave well enough alone by now. We can walk along tiny, narrow places, and somehow he thinks she's going to get in the paint? Really, some days I just wonder about him...

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