Saturday, July 01, 2006

Going for the string

Bill and Barbara are very thoughtful when invited for dinner. They usually bring a bottle of wine for Mom and Dad (more for Mom, really) but tonight they thought about us too. Since we're normally ostracized to the bathroom when company is here (more because Susan isn't good about shutting the back door, if you ask me -- and not because we try to invite ourselves to the meal) ... but because we're usually on the outside looking in, Bill and Barbara wanted to do something for us and brought us a bunch of toys from Target's "One Spot" tonight! Our favorite is the fish hanging from the string like a fishing line. Dad stuck it under the microwave so that we can continue to play with it after Dad's arm got tired. Huggy Bear and Maggie were working together to get the string. HB held the fish in place while Maggie went after the string. I give it a day... Posted by Picasa

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