Monday, June 26, 2006

New collar for Josie

Josie got a new pink camoflage collar from PetSmart. Mom and Dad considered the leopard print collar (top, in picture from link) for me, but they know I have little tolerance for collars. I don't like the dangly tags, so this personalized embroidered collar may be the way to go. Dad always thought if someone made a collar where the info was on an engraved sleeve or tube around the collar (picture the tubes homing pidgeons wear on their legs), that would be ideal. Mom and Dad also considered some bling for Huggy Bear's collar, but they had spent enough already on harnesses for HB, Josie and me. (Josie's actual pink collar is not pictured, but they had one that matched her new collar ... Mom and Dad elected for the slightly less expensive solid pink since we'll probably do our best to never wear them again...)

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