Thursday, September 22, 2005

Munchie Josie

Mom and Dad went to the grocery store, which means lots of bags and kitchen playtime. My favorite actvity is trying to climb along the fridge door while Mom is putting things away. With the pantry door open, Josie managed to pull out our Meow-a-roni snacks. Since she had previously chewed the bag, it was in a ziploc. So while Mom put items away and Dad brought more in, Josie chewed through the ziploc and got the bag of treats out. So Dad put a few treats out, but that wasn't enough. Josie pulled out a sample bag of cat food and chewed through that too, and was snacking on it before Mom noticed. Dad put it in our food dispenser (full already, by the way) and Josie could have cared less by that point. I guess once the challenge is gone, she lost interest. Girls!

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