Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Naughty Bear

Huggy Bear has been a very naughty kitten the last two days. Last night he decided he HAD to have mom's straw that was in the giant Sonic cup. But in the process of trying to get the straw out of the cup, he pulled the cup off the bar and spilled about a million ounces of sprite with cherry add-in all over the floor. Mom went into panic mode because she was so afraid it was going to leave a huge red stain on the carpet. But thanks to Resolve she able to clean it up.

Then this afternoon, Huggy was licking a bowl on the counter and got so excited he licked it off the counter, and shattered it. Luckily, neither Josie or I were under him when it happened. But mom was so sad because it's one of her favorite bowls. The set of pasta bowls was given to them as a wedding present.

I thought mom was going to very mad about that the bowl breaking, but she just said "Ugh, Huggy." Kittens will be kittens.

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