Monday, March 21, 2005

Closet nap

A few hours ago, mom was getting in the shower and getting dressed (ok, her clock's a little messed up right now and she's on a cat's schedule -- up all night, nap part of the day -- which I'm ok with, but anyhow... as I was saying) ... where was I? Oh, yeah, mom was getting all cleaned up and dressed and I slipped into her closet when she wasn't looking. Well, dad just say "Where's Jasper? I haven't seen him all night." So dad went looking and when he opened the closet door, I was curled up in my favorite closet spot and looked up at him with sleepy eyes and blinked against the light he had just turned on. At that point, I figured heck, he's already woken me up, so I came out and got brushes from him.

Meanwhile, while I was enjoying my peaceful, kitten-free nap, Huggy Bear was playing hair band with dad. He really likes mom's hair bands, and can find them even when she can't. Tonight, dad was on the computer trying to find a song from a movie soundtrack (This is the Day by The The from the movie Empire Records) and Huggy kept bringing dad a hair band and dad would toss it and Huggy would bring it back to him. Dad is very happy that the kittens are learning to play interactive games with him like I do.

They have learned a lot from me. Like right now, Huggy is lying in from of the computer monitor, but he's lying flat so the screen can still be seen. Good kitten.

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